Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

, Kyiv 21:57

Diplomatic Staff of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

Vitalii TARASIUK —  Minister-Counsellor, Head of Economic and Trade Office, email: vitalii.tarasiuk@mfa.gov.ua 

Oksana SHULYAR  — Minister-Counsellor, Head of Political Section, email: oksana.shulyar@mfa.gov.ua 

Political Section

Oleksandr OSADCHYI — Counsellor (Scientific and Technical Cooperation), email: oleksandr.osadchyi@mfa.gov.ua 

Andrii PASICHNYK — Counsellor (Legal Adviser), email: andrii.pasichnyk@mfa.gov.ua 

Georgii DUBYNSKYI - First Secretary (Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation), email: georgii.dubynskyi@mfa.gov.ua 

Vitaliy POGRIBNYI — First Secretary (Congress), email: vitaliy.pogribnyi@mfa.gov.ua                           

Yurii TYRKUS — First Secretary (Ambassador's Assistant), email: yurii.tyrkus@mfa.gov.ua 

Oleksandr OBORSKYI — First Secretary, email: oleksandr.oborskyi@mfa.gov.ua  

Andrii YANEVSKYI — First Secretary, email: andrii.yanevskyi@mfa.gov.ua 

Victor CHERNYSH — First Secretary, email: victor.chernysh@mfa.gov.ua 

Economic Section

Kostiantyn MARCHUK — First Secretary (Agricultural Issues), email: kostiantyn.marchuk@mfa.gov.ua 

Volodymyr MUZYLOV — First Secretary (Regional Cooperation, Transport Issues), email: volodymyr.muzylov@mfa.gov.ua 

Pavlo MOISEICHENKO - First Secretary (IFI’s, energy issues) pavlo.moiseichenko@mfa.gov.ua 

Oleksii CHERNYSHEV — Second Secretary (Trade Facilitation, Customs Issues), email: oleksii.chernyshev@mfa.gov.ua 

Andriy GOTA — Specialist General (Interregional Cooperation), email: andriy.gota@mfa.gov.ua 

Cultural Section

Olha IVANOVA — Counsellor, email: olha.ivanova@mfa.gov.ua 

Vladyslava BONDARENKO — Counsellor (Liaison Officer with Ukrainian Community), email: vladyslava.bondarenko@mfa.gov.ua 

Consular Affairs

Yurii TOKAR — Counsellor, Head of Consular Section, email: yurii.tokar@mfa.gov.ua 

Natalia MUSIIENKO — Third Secretary (notaries, citizenship, registration of permanent residence, visa issues), email: natalia.musiienko@mfa.gov.ua 

Iryna VELYCHKO — Third Secretary (Adoption), email: iryna.velychko@mfa.gov.ua 

Office of Defense Cooperation

Volodymyr HAVRYLOV — Major General, Defense Attaché to the Embassy of Ukraine, email: dao_us@mfa.gov.ua  

Andrii ORDYNOVYCH — Colonel, Military Attaché, email: andrii.ordynovych@mfa.gov.ua 

Sergiy PANCHENKO — Colonel, Air Attaché, email:sergiy. panchenko@mfa.gov.ua  

Andriy MARASIN — Lieutenant Colonel, Senior Assistant Defense Attaché, email: andriy.marasin@mfa.gov.ua  

Volodymyr DENYSOV — Captain, Naval Attaché, email: volodymyr.denysov@mfa.gov.ua