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Developments in Ukraine, March 14, 2014

15 March 2014, 16:32

The Crimea, an integral part of Ukraine, is being occupied by foreign troops.

On March 14, 2014, the developments were characterized by the following:

Extension of Russia’s military presence on the peninsula, criminal activities by members of Russian extremist organizations

  • In Alushta, division of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service was assaulted by so-called “self-defense” forces
  • In Simferopol, three “Euromaidan” activists disappeared after being followed by unknown people
  • In Bakhchysarai, division of Ukraine’s Armed Forces was maraudered by pro-Russian extremists
  • In Dzahkoi, the train moving from Kyiv to Simpferopol was stopped  by so-called “self-defense” forces with its passengers being intimidated and searched
  • Russian Armed Forces have moved a substantial amount of military equipment from port city of Kerch to the middle of Crimean peninsula
  • In Simferopol, chief of military hospital was kidnapped by unknown people after rejecting a demand to surrender it

Illegal separatist activities of self-proclaimed pro-Russian “puppet” government

  • Statement by leader of Crimean “puppet government” indicating intention to pronounce and treat Ukraine’s Armed Forces in Crimea as a gang groups after the “referendum”
  • Announcement of desire of full accession to Russia as opposed to proclamation of independent state
  • Announcement of plans of “puppet government” to use Russian ruble as Crimea’s official currency starting April
  • Dismantling of Ukraine’s coat-of-arms Tryzub from the building of Verkhovna Rada of Crimea
  • Blockade of Simferopol’s soccer club “Tavriya”, which is supposed to play Kyiv’s “Dynamo” in Ukrainian national championship on Sunday

Rise of anti-war and pro-Ukrainian sentiments in eastern parts of the country and in Crimea

  • Tens of thousands of Crimeans have created a live chain across the peninsula demonstrating their support for united Ukraine 
  • According to poll conducted by “Rating” group, only 5% of Ukrainians are in favor of Crimea being separated from Ukraine (19% in southern regions of Ukraine)
  • Leaders of Ukrainian community in Russia, which consists of millions of people, have sent a letter to President Putin demanding the reversal of occupation of Ukraine

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