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International social project "Kids Ask for Help"

02 December 2016, 00:00

With the help of the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sport, the World Congress of the Ukrainian Youth Organizations, Deputy of the Ukrainian supreme government Dmytro Lybinets, and in initiative of the founder of non-governmental union " Ray of Ukraine" Dmytro Banuch during the years 2016-2017 there will be the international social project "Kids Ask for Help" throughout the world.

The goal of this project is to help create peace in Ukraine and throughout the world, representing of Ukraine with talented kids and youth in the ATO zone.

The task of the project is to promote the support of children from the Volnovaskyy Region and the Donetsk Region in regards to educational and cultural development. The opportunity for further collaboration with children from different countries of the world offers the ability for the creation of educational and curing camps, art and cultural festivals, contests, sport competitions, and an international grant project.

During the summer and autumn of 2016 initiators of the project held social and youth projects in the Donetsk Region, where they chose nearly fifty kids, who will visit different European and Asian countries this year and will represent Ukraine and their talents in spreading the message of peace around the world.

 The staff of the delegation of members in every country will be organized from fifteen people. Sixty percent will be children while the other forty percent will be youth chaperones and adults.

During this visit, the Ukrainian delegation will represent the project in art, cultural and sports blocks. Visits will proceed according to a general schedule: general prayer for peace, an official meeting of children and youth from different countries in the Central European Square for peace, activities with children, a marathon for piece, meetings with the members of the Ukrainian diaspora,  diplomats, officials, various excursions to get acquainted with the visited country, making a picture for peace from the gathered children, or the tree of dreams, common lessons in schools, and getting signatures of the contacts for collaboration with educational institutions, state institutions and NGO.

The realization of the project will be showed through mass media. The whole program for the duration of the children’s stay will be divided into program blocks with repeated displays of different mass media in Ukraine and throughout world.

In the staff of the Ukrainian delegation, except children and youth from Donetsk region, will also be diplomats and parents of the project and officials. They will parallel official meetings with the children in country and negotiate for future collaboration for the future of the children, youth and peace in Ukraine and throughout the world.

The partners of the project in different countries and Ukraine will be Ministry of the Youth and Sport of Ukraine, the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations, NGO «Georgian and Ukrainian cultural and art center», Association of Tax Payers in Ukraine, NGO « World Ukrainians»,  Magazine « Business Woman» , NPF «Podolyany», MBO « Charitable Fund Of  Dolyna», TM Kukuzavryky, NGO « Ray of Volnovacha», Joint Venture « TIN IMPEX», company « Ukrainian and Greek Thought», NGO « Ray of Ukraine», NGO « Ray o Kyjv», CO « I am Volnovacha», company «Berehynya», Association Of Ukrainian youth in Republic of  Moldova «Zlagoda», Union of Ukrainian youth of Rumania.

The project is represented in Georgia – http://promin-ua.org/projects/item/114-pidvedenopidsumkyproektudityprosiatmyruvhruziifotovideo.

The presentation of the project is planned in Moldova, Greece, Slovenia, Rumania, Turkey, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Canada and in the United States. The final of the project will be held in July 2017 with the international kids camp in Carpathian mountains (Ukraine), where from all of the countries-members children will come and form there concept of piece for the future and will do the song festival.

Diplomats, officials, business and non-governmental sector representatives, who have interesting ideas in representing of Ukraine in the world or who can help with their support the talented children from Donbas region,  are invited to take part in the project.

Coordinator of the project - Anna Krysyuk

Tel. +38 097 318-34- 79, e-mail: anjainfo27@gmail.com, skype: anja-info.