Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

, Kyiv 13:34

Investment Opportunities in Ukraine

Invest in Ukraine (Presentation)

A wide range of investment opportunities across industries and throughout Ukraine with full due diligence support by financial and legal professionals can be obtained per your request.

At a glance, investment opportunities and current business projects include but not limited to:


Investment opportunities in Ukrainian agricultural production and agricultural infrastructure. (Presentation)


Ukraine’s Gas Market Reform: Green Light to Investments in Natural Gas Transmission, Production and Energy Efficiency. (Presentation)

Software Development

Investing in web media and custom software development in Ukraine. (Presentation)


Ukraine is seeking significant further development of its transportation networks. This relates primarily to international transportation corridors: seaports, railways, airports and motorways. (Presentation)


Privatization in Ukraine: April 2016. (Presentation). Opportunities for Investors.