Embassy of Ukraine in the United States of America

Kyiv 06:19

Diplomatic Staff of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

Oksana SHULYAR  — Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister-Counsellor, Head of Political Section, email: oksana.shulyar@mfa.gov.ua 

Vitalii TARASIUK —  Minister-Counsellor, Head of Economic and Trade Office, email: vitalii.tarasiuk@mfa.gov.ua 

Andrii PASICHNYK — Counsellor (legal issues), e-mail: andrii.pasichnyk@mfa.gov.ua

Andrii YANEVSKYI — Counsellor (political issues), e-mail: andrii.yanevskyi@mfa.gov.ua

Vladyslava BONDARENKO — Counsellor (Ukrainian community outreach), e-mail: vladyslava.bondarenko@mfa.gov.ua

Vitaliy POGRIBNYI — First Secretary (Congress liason), e-mail: vitaliy.pogribnyi@mfa.gov.ua           

Pavlo MOISEICHENKO - First Secretary (economic issues), e-mail: pavlo.moiseichenko@mfa.gov.ua

Volodymyr MUZYLOV — First Secretary (economic issues), e-mail: volodymyr.muzylov@mfa.gov.ua                      

Taras MOSKALENKO — First Secretary (cultural affairs and public diplomacy), e-mail: taras.moskalenko@mfa.gov.ua 

Ruslan FALKOV — Third Secretary (Ambassador's assistant), email: ruslan.falkov@mfa.gov.ua  

Natalia SOLYEVA - Attache (press and media issues), email: natalia.solyeva@mfa.gov.ua 

Consular Affairs

Kostyantyn VORONA — Counsellor, Head of Consular Section (notaries, visa issues), email: kostyantyn.vorona@mfa.gov.ua  

Antonina PEREKLADOVA - First Secretary (passports issues), e-mail: antonina.perekladova@mfa.gov.ua

Iryna VELYCHKO — Third Secretary (adoption, citizenship, registration of permanent residence), e-mail: iryna.velychko@mfa.gov.ua

Office of Defense Cooperation

Andrii ORDYNOVYCH — Military Attaché, e-mail: andrii.ordynovych@mfa.gov.ua

Volodymyr HUMENIUK — Air Attaché, e-mail: volodymyr.humeniuk@mfa.gov.ua  

Oleksandr KORNEICHUK— Naval Attaché, e-mail: oleksandr.korneichuk@mfa.gov.ua