V International competition for opera singers named after Solomiya Krushelnytska will take place in Lviv, Ukraine, on September 15-25, 2013
13 March 2013 16:56



Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the V International Competition for Opera Singers named after Solomiya Krushelnytska, Minister of Culture of Ukraine M.A.Kulynyak _______________________________
(Based on the decision of the Organizing Committee for the preparation and holding of the V International Competition for Opera singers named after Solomiya Krushelnytska dated December 12, 2012, the protocol № 1)



of the V International Competition for Opera Singers

named after Solomiya Krushelnytska

15-25 September 2013, Lviv, Ukraine


1. Terms of Participation

1.1. In the Competition professional singers of all voice categories that have special music education and practical work experience in opera houses can participate, as well as the students of music academies.

1.2. Singers of any nationality are allowed to participate in the Competition:

  • women born after January 1, 1977;
  • men born after January 1, 1976.

1.3. To enter the contest it is mandatory to execute program requirements.

1.4. Winners of the I (first) prize of previous Competitions named after Solomiya Krushelnytska are not allowed to take part in the contest.

2. Financial terms

2.1. Each participant at the time of registration must pay a registration fee of 1,000 (one thousand) UAH. Without paying the entrance fee the participant is not admitted to the audition. If the candidate refuses to participate in the contest, the documents and the entrance fee will not be reimbursed.

2.2. Fare of competitors and their accompanists to Lviv and back is paid from their own account.

2.3. The costs associated with the stay (accommodation and daily allowance) are paid as follows:

  • for participants of the 1st round and their accompanists - at their own account. If necessary, the Directorate’s office can assist in the hotel booking for the first round period
  • for participants of the 2nd and  3rd round and their accompanists - at the competition founder’s account.
  • for participants and their accompanists to the final gala-concert - at the competition founder’s account.

2.4. Participants who have not passed to the II or III rounds can stay until the end of the Competition at their own expense.

3. Prizes and awards

3.1. Organizing Committee of the V International Competition of Opera Singers named after Solomiya Krushelnytska has established following prizes and awards for the winners:

Grand prix

15,000 (fifteen thousand U.S. dollars), medal and the title of the Winner of the Contest;

Two First Prizes (separately for men and women)

10,000 (ten thousand U.S. dollars), medal and the title of the Laureate of the Contest;

Two Second Prizes (separately for men and women)

5,000 (five thousand U.S. dollars), medal and the title of the Laureate of the Contest;

Two Third Prizes (separately for men and women)

2,500 (two thousand five hundred U.S. dollars), medal and the title of the Laureate of the Contest;

Two Forth Prizes (separately for men and women)

1,000 (one thousand U.S. dollars), medal and the title of the Laureate of the Contest;

Two Diplomas "Best accompanist of the Competition"

The Organizing Committee and the jury may impose other prizes and awards to contestants.

Concert engagements         

Concert engagements in Ukraine and abroad to individual winners of the contest

3.2. The jury has the right to award an additional second or third prize, if not awarded the first or second prize accordingly.

3.3. All prizes are paid in the currency of Ukraine at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine on the date of payment*, and the taxes are withheld from them under the laws of Ukraine.

3.4. Enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as individuals may at their own expense establish additional prizes, bonuses and other awards to contestants on agreement with the Organizing Committee.

4. Competition procedure

4.1. Competitive events are carried out in three rounds: the first - accompanied by piano, the second - with a symphony orchestra, and the third - in the form of performance in the plays of Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska.

4.2. Evaluation of contestants’ performances and designation of winners of the Contest is carried out by the jury, to the composition of which music prominent figures from Ukraine and abroad are invited.

4.3. All auditions are held in public.

4.4. The order of performances in the first and second rounds is determined by lot drawing before the first round.

4.5. Not more than 24 contestants are admitted to the Second round (12 women and 12 men).

4.6. Not more than 10 contestants are admitted to the Third, final, round (5 women and 5 men).

4.7. Determination of winners of the special award "Best accompanist of the Competition" takes place at the end of the I (first) round.

4.8. Jury decisions in all rounds of the Competition are final and not subject to any appeal.

4.9. Competition Directorate will, if necessary, free of charge, provide the contestants with the accompanists for performances in the first round, as well as for 60 minutes rehearsal before each round.

4.10. Competition Directorate reserves all rights for broadcasting on radio and television of the competitive auditions and the final concert, their audio and video recording, as well as distribution of these materials without paying royalties to participants and their accompanists.

4.11. In case of disputes over the interpretation of the terms of the contest the only correct text is the one in Ukrainian.

5. Documents submission procedure

5.1. Applications for the contest are accepted until September 1, 2013. Date of the receipt of application is determined by the first postmark.

5.2. The application shall be accompanied by:

  • copies of the relevant pages of the passport, proving the age of the contestant;
  • for Ukrainians - copy of the identification code, or a copy of the passport page where it is dully witnessed the refuse of identification code receipt;
  • Copy of the diploma of music education, for students - a certificate from the educational institution;
  • Permormer’s curriculum vitae (CV) in hard copy;
  • One photograph (if printed - size 9x12 cm, suitable for printing playback, if in electronic format - with the resolution at least 1600x1200);
  • copies of the diplomas of laureates of other international competitions (if available).

5.3. Application with all attachments are sent marked " Solomiya Krushelnytska Competition" at:

State Agency of Promotion of Culture of Ukraine,

Lavrska Str. 9, build. 5.

Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine         

 E-mail: [email protected]

5.4. Documents submitted late or not in full, are not considered.

5.5. Competition Organizing Committee reserves the right to limit the number of participants admitted to the competition, taking into account the order of receipt of the documents by the Directorate.

5.6. After reviewing all the documents submitted, the Competition Organizing Committee sends via e-mail (or in writing, if the email address is not listed in the application of participant) the confirmation of participation in the Contest. If necessary, it sends an official invitation to obtain a visa.

5.7. Changes in the programs, submitted by participants, are accepted not later than 01 September 2013.

5.8. Competition Directorate reserves the right to use all information submitted by the participants and photographs for submission to the media.

5.9. Competition Directorate will not be responsible for loss of documents during their postage.


of the V International Competition for Opera Singers named after Solomiya Krushelnytska

  • All pieces must be performed from memory, in the language of origin and in the author's tone.
  • Each piece can be performed in one round only.
  • The order of piece performance in the first and second round is determined by the participant.
  • Arias of Ukrainian composers’ operas (for I and II rounds) will be posted on the Contest web-site.

Three opera arias with piano accompaniment:

  • one aria on the choice of the contestant from the operas of composers, such as: Beethoven, Berezovsky,  Verstovsky, Cimarosa, Gluck, Handel, Monteverdi, Paisiello, Pergolesi, Purcell, Rameau, Mozart;
  • one expanded aria from the operas of composers, such as: Bellini, Donizetti, Rossini, Weber, Gounod, Meyerbeer, Mascne, Bizet, Saint-Saens, Wagner, Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Ponchielli, Flotow, Dvorak, Smetana, Szymanowski, Glinka, Dargomyzhsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov;
  • one aria from the operas of Ukrainian composers: Bortniansky, Gulak-Artemovsky, Arcas, Lysenko, Sichynsky, Ljudkevych, Lyatoshynsky, Verykivskiy, Dankevych, Kos-Anatolsky, Mayboroda, Meytus, Kyreyko, Gubarenko, Kolodub.

Two arias accompanied by the orchestra of the proposed list:


Lysenko                               "Aeneida"                                           Venus Waltz

"Drowned"                             Arioso of Ghalya

Dankevych                          "Nazar Stodolya"                              Recitativo and aria of Ghalya

Kireyko                                 "Forest Song"                                    Aria of nymph

Meytus                                "Stolen Happiness"                         Aria of Hanna (1st act)

Aria of Hanna (3rd act)

Mayboroda                             "Milana"                                              Scene of Iolan

Bellini                                    "Norma"                                              Cavatina of Norma

Bizet                                      "Carmen"                                            Recitativo and aria of Michaela

Donizetti                              "Don Pasquale"                                       Aria of Noreen (1st act)

"Lucia di Lammermoor"           Cavatina of Lucia (1st act)

Glinka                                  "Ruslan and Lyudmila"                                Cavatina of Lyudmila

Mozart                                 "The Magic Flute"                            Aria of the Queen of the Night

Gounod                                 "Faust"                                           Recitativo and aria of Margaret

Rossini                                 "Barber of Seville"                           Aria of Rosina (1 act in F Major)

Puccini                                 "La Boheme"                                     Aria of Mimi

"Madame Butterfly"              Monologue of Cio-Cio-San 

"Tosca"                                  Aria of Tosca

Verdi                                     "Aida"                                                   Aria of Aida (Act 3)

"Don Carlos"                           Aria of Elizabeth

"Rigoletto"                               Aria of Gilda

"A Masked Ball "                       Scene and aria of Amelia

"La Traviata"                           Scene and Aria of Violetta

"Hernani"                                Scene and Cavatina of Elvira

"Troubadour"                           Cavatina of Leonora (1 st act)

Wagner                                   "Tannhauser"                                       Aria of Elizabeth

Weber                                     "Der Freischütz"                                   Aria of Agatha

Ponchielli                                  "La Giaconda"                                      Aria of Giaconda

Borodin                                     "Prince Igor"                                       Aria of Yaroslavna (1st act)

                                                                                                      Aria of Yaroslavna (3rd act)

Mussorgsky                              "Sorochintsy Fair»                                 Thought of Paras

Tchaikovsky                           "The Queen of Spades"                             Scene and Arioso of Lisa

"Eugene Onegin"                     Tatyana's Letter Scene

Moniuszko                               "Ghalka"                                                 Recitative and aria of Ghalka (2nd   or 4th Acts) 

Rimsky-Korsakov                         "The Tsar's Bride"                                  Aria of Marfa



Lysenko                               "Taras Bulba"                                     Recitativo, arioso and aria of Nastya, Aria of Tatarka

Dankevych                          "Bogdan Khmelnitsky"                            Recitativo and aria of Barbara

Kireyko                                 «U nedilyu rano ...»                            Recitative and aria of Moors (Turk)
                                          (on Sunday early…)

Donizetti                              "Favorita"                                          Recitativo and aria of Leonora

Rossini                                 "Barber of Seville"                               Cavatina of Rosina (1 act in C Major)

Verdi                                   "Don Carlos"                                      Aria of Eboli

"Troubadour"                         The story of Azucena

" A Masked Ball "                    Aria of Ulrique

Tchaikovsky                          "The Maid of Orleans"                          Aria of Joanna

"Eugene Onegin"                     Aria of Olga

Mussorgsky                            "Khovanshchina"                                Scene of divination of Martha (Ed. of D.Shostakovich)

Saint-Saens                           "Samson and Delilah"                           Aria of Delilah

Mascagni                               "Cavalleria Rusticana"                          Romance of Santuzza

Bizet                                     "Carmen"                                           Habanera, Seguidilla

Rimsky-Korsakov                      "The Tsar's Bride"                               Aria of Lyubasha 


Lysenko                               "Taras Bulba"                                    Cavatina of Andrew

Dankevych                          "Nazar Stodolya"                                 Aria of Nazar

Dankevych                          "Bogdan Khmelnitsky"                           Recitativo and aria of Bogun

Meytus                                "Stolen Happiness"                             Aria of Mykola

Kireyko                                 "Forest Song"                                   Aria of Lukash

Gulak-Artemovsky                "Zaporozhez beyond                             Prayer of Andrew
                                             the Danube"

Donizetti                              "Don Pasquale"                                  Recitativo and aria of Ernesto

Bizet                                      "Carmen"                                            Aria of Jose

"The Pearl fishers"                 Aria of Nadira

Borodin                                "Prince Igor"                                       Cavatina of Vladimir Igorevich

Giordano                             "Andrea Chenier"                                   Improvisation of Chenier

Leoncavallo                          "Pagliacci"                                           Recitativo and aria of Canio

Puccini                                 "Turandot"                                         Aria of Calaf

"Tosca"                                Aria of Cavaradossi from Act I

"La Boheme"                          Aria of Rudolph

Tchaikovsky                         "Eugene Onegin"                                   Aria of Lensky

"The Queen of Spades"           Aria of Herman from Act I, Herman's Arioso

Verdi                                   "Aida"                                                  Recitativo and aria of Radames

"A Masked Ball"                      Scene and romance of Richard

"Rigoletto"                             Duke singing

"Troubadour"                          Strettos of Manrico

Rossini                                  "Barber of Seville"                                  Cavatina of Almaviva

Moniuszko                             "The Scary Yard"                                    Recitativo and aria of Stephen (with chimes)

Massenet                              "Werther"                                               Aria of Werther 


Lysenko                               "Taras Bulba"                                     Aria of Ostap, Arioso of Ostap

Dankevych                           "Bogdan Khmelnitsky"                           Monologue of Bogdan

Meytus                                "Stolen Happiness"                              Aria of Gourman

Kireyko                                 "Forest Song"                                    Aria of Perelesnik

Rossini                                 "Barber of Seville"                               Cavatina of Figaro

Mozart                                 "Don Giovanni"                                   Aria of Don Giovanni

Leoncavallo                           "Pagliacci"                                        Prologue

Giordano                               "Andrea Chenier"                                Aria of Gerard

Rachmaninov                          "Aleko"                                            Cavatina of Aleko

Tchaikovsky                          "The Queen of Spades"                       Aria of Yevetsky

 "Iolanta"                               Aria of Robert

Gounod                                 "Faust"                                              Cavatina of Valentine

Verdi's                                  "Rigoletto"                                          Rigoletto aria

"La Traviata"                          Aria of Germont

"Don Carlos"                           Rodrigo's death scene

"Troubadour"                          Scene and Aria of Count di Luna

"A Masked Ball"                       Scene and aria of Renato

Rimsky-Korsakov                      "The Tsar's Bride"                            Recitativo and aria of Gryaznov

Borodin                                "Prince Igor"                                      Igor's Aria

Mayboroda                            "Taras Shevchenko"                           Aria of Taras, "Oh, my thoughts" 


Lysenko                               "Taras Bulba"                                     Song of Taras

Dankevych                          "Bogdan Khmelnitsky"                            Story of Krivonos

Recitativo and aria of Krivonos

Kireyko                                 "Forest Song"                                    Recitativo and arioso of Uncle Lev

Mozart                                 "Don Giovanni"                                    Aria of Leporello

Donizetti                              "Don Pasquale"                                    Cavatina of Don Pasquale

Verdi                                     "Don Carlos"                                      Aria of Philippe

"Nabucco"                           Aria of Zechariah (1st or 3rd  act)

Gounod                               "Faust"                                                Serenade of Mephistopheles

Rossini                                 "Barber of Seville"                                 Aria of Don Basilio

Borodin                                "Prince Igor"                                        Aria of Konchak

                                                                                                  Aria of Galitsky

Mussorgsky                        "Boris Godunov"                                      Aria of Boris

Moniuszko                          "The Scary Yard"                                    Aria of Skoluba

Tchaikovsky                        "Eugene Onegin"                                    Aria of German

Rimsky-Korsakov                  "The Tsar's Bride"                                   Aria of Sobakin

"Sadko"                              Song of the Viking Guest

Glinka                                 "A Life for the Tsar"                              Aria of Ivan Susanin


Two opera arias from the list of operas: *

Bizet                                      "Carmen"                                            Carmen, Jose, Escamillo, Michaela

Verdi                                     "Rigoletto"                                           Gilda, the Duke, Rigoletto

"A Masked Ball"                        Amelia, Ulrica, Richard, Renato

"Troubadour"                           Leonora, Count di Luna, Ferrando, Manrico

"Nabucco"                               Zechariah, Nabucco, Abigail

"Aida"                                     Aida, Radames, Amneris

"La Traviata"                           Violetta, Germont, Alfredo

Puccini                                    "Tosca"                                         Tosca, Cavaradossi, Scarpia

"La Boheme"                             Mimi, Rudolph, Schaunard, Musetta, Marseille

Rossini                                    "Barber of Seville"                            Rosina, Almaviva, Don Basilio, Figaro

Tchaikovsky                             "Iolanta"                                        Iolanta, Vaudemont, Robert, Renee

Rimsky-Korsakov                        "The Tsar's Bride"                            Marfa, Lyubasha, Gryaznoy, Sobakin


* On the choice of the jury one role will be executed in the performance of Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet named after Solomiya Krushelnytska.

To download an application form click here.

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